Fossils4Desires Sofie Hertz



Sofie Hertz

24.10 – 16.11.2014 

Exhaust time:
Work. Search. Relax.


Apply the liquid slip with a wide very soft brush. Cover your finger in a piece of smooth plastic. Make sure the plastic does not make any folds at the tip of your finger, and rub it against the surface, go around every little curve, until it all shines. Repeat this gesture till the form is smooth and has a glossy shine.


Take an apparatus to substitute touch. An object shaped to enclose or let the body in.
Fitting a specific sore part or spot.
Made for a quick ease, named ’Calm Feet’.
The object bears a need. Images bears and substitute form, and carry pleasure inside. Your tired feet’s plastic oasis, Surfaces with weight, Possibilities to full-fill, filling out space.


Dis-use things.
Depict something found.
Enter this shape with a gaze.
Do therapy and waste no time.


An exhibition by
Sofie Hertz